Video Marketing

Video Marketing
Video Marketing

Putting videos onto YouTube and other video hosting sites creates traffic in many different ways:

• First, you get traffic from people visiting YouTube and following your link to your site or to a sales page where you are an affiliate.
• Second, because YouTube is owned by Google, your video will also get ranked high for your search term on Google, when people perform a Google search.
• Third, with many video hosting sites, you create valuable backlinks to your website which will increase your website’s ranking on search engines.

YouTube is the third most viewed website online – after Google and Facebook.

More than 62% of all web traffic is to video sites and most average YouTube visitors spend 27 minutes EACH watching video every single day. Using video marketing is a prime example of going where your market is and standing in front of them.

You need more reasons why you should include video marketing in your traffic driving efforts?

• Videos give you a chance to genuinely interact with your target market – you can showcase your personality
• More people are prepared to watch 20 – 30 minutes of video than they are prepared to read text for 20 – 30 minutes
• You get a chance to build trust amongst your potential clients by giving good content in an easy to digest format
• You will be doing what your competition can’t be bothered to do – and raking up heaps of dollars and hundreds of visitors in the process
• You can make your information fun, in a way words have trouble doing

There are three ways you can create your video – with a traditional video camera or flip cam; using screen capture software such as Camtasia and using a service like

There are plenty of free tutorials available to help you with this – what I want to concentrate on here is how to get your videos the maximum exposure possible on the YouTube site.

First – Keyword Selection and Use

You want your video to stand out from the competition and get ranked on Google so it is really important to do your keyword research first. You will have probably done this already for your product or service so use those as a base for your YouTube tags.

When you go onto Google and type in your keyword phrase you are likely to see results already from YouTube; particularly if it is a competitive niche. Go into those videos and copy and paste their tag words into a notepad file for use with your own videos. That way even if people do click on the Google recommendations for YouTube your video is likely to be profiled on the same YouTube page.

You can also use your keywords in the following places on YouTube:

• Include your keyword phrase in the description of the video
• Put your keyword phrase at the beginning of your video title
• Use the copy and pasted keywords you got earlier and paste them into the tags section

Another hot tip for YouTube – if you are promoting a website don’t forget to include the full website URL (including the http://) at the very beginning of your description section.

Promote your Video so you get Views

You need to get back links to your videos and you can use a lot of the techniques to get most of them. Just some of the things you can use include;

• Do a press release about your new video and submit to the top press release sites
• Social bookmarking sites
• Give it a bit of a profile on your FaceBook page or fan page
• Article submissions
• Forum posting (signature line)
• Tweet about your new video
• Ning communities
• Squidoo pages
• Your blog posts
• Post video responses to other videos in the same niche – that way you have a chance to siphon some visitors from highly popular videos

Don’t forget that YouTube is like Facebook – you can make friends, ask for subscribers, create your own channel of videos and much more – interact with the YouTube community in your niche and you will attract a lot more traffic.

Drive Traffic to Your Site with Your Videos

There are a few key steps that many people forget to include when they are preparing their video for YouTube and similar sites. To get the most out of each visitor you have to let your viewer know what your URL is. You can do this by

• Have your URL at the top of your video
• Include your URL in a stationary page at the conclusion of your video
• Include your URL in your video’s call to action – for example “for more tips on how to improve your golf swing visit…[your URL]
• Watermark your video with your URL
• Put your URL at the beginning of your description text.

Make your video content into two parts. Post the first part on YouTube with a link to the second part of the video on your site. Include that second video as the “reward” for signing up to your email list – yes the URL you will be sending them too will be your opt-in page. Result = signups and traffic.

Video Marketing Tips:

• You can re-use the same video several times. You can give the video a different file name, new title, and a new description.
• Use images of attractive females in your video. Studies have shown that both men and women click on videos that have attractive females. This is why women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan have attractive women on their covers.
• If you are sending traffic to your own product, you may want to try by-passing the sales page and send traffic straight to the order form. Try split testing to see which converts better.

Finally don’t forget while YouTube is the biggest video site online it is not the only one. Find more places where you can submit your video content.

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