Video of Eagle Snatching Baby Fooled the World

Video of Eagle Snatching Baby Fooled the World
Video of Eagle Snatching Baby Fooled the World

YouTube video of an eagle snatching up a toddler captivated millions of viewers, some of whom may not have immediately realized it was fake.

This video uploaded on Tuesday, the clip shows a golden eagle swooping out of the sky to grab an infant in its talons, then dropping the child seconds later. Despite broad and immediate skepticism of its authenticity, it had more than 5 million views by Wednesday evening.

The video was picked up by newspapers in the U.K., was tweeted by at least one member of the White House press corps in Washington, and it moved on the international news wires through Agence France Presse as well as in numerous international publications.

It was actually produced by students as a class project at a new-media training institute in Montreal. Their assignment: create a viral video and a hoax. They needn’t worry about their mark now. They were promised a 100 per cent score if they received 100,000 page views — and within a few hours, sometime after lunch Wednesday, they had smashed that target 50 times over.

Here is the Original Video which was viral:

Here is the Interview of the students who created this fake video:

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