Video Tutorial: Positioning Your Brand As Trustworthy thru Educational Videos

Positioning Your Brand As Trustworthy thru Educational Videos
Positioning Your Brand As Trustworthy thru Educational Videos

In this specific video, you’re going to learn how to position you brand as trustworthy, through educational videos.

Why educational videos? Well, most people, if you think about it, when they run a business or they sell a product, or sell a service, they want to sell, sell, sell. And a lot of people, especially like, car sales men, and this is not to generalize but, a lot of car sales men and a lot of specific industry sales people, like to sell, sell, sell, and hard sell. And people just hate it. And while it can work in specific situations, if you sell, sell, sell, that’s what you’re going to brand yourself or your company as. So you want to wait to position yourself as trustworthy, as helpful, and things like that. So educational videos on the other hand, sticks in your customers minds. And when I say educational, I mean something that’s actually helpful. And it sticks in their mind because you’re different. It simply gains their trust, and helps you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

If people can learn just one or two, or three tips per video, then you’ve really stood out. So what I want to do now is I want to show you a formula for creating these types of videos. What you can do in each specific video, is use this video formula to quickly and easily create a video. So first thing’s first, what you want to do is find just one tip that could really help your customers. Now in this specific video, start building a connection by describing the problem that they’re facing. In other words, relate to them, say you know “I understand you have this problem or you’re facing this issue, and I’ve been there and done that, but I found a solution,” blah, blah, blah. And then, your solution, break it up into parts and for each part, basically focus on describing in a little more detail, the why’s, the who, what, when, the where’s, and so forth. And talk about the tips or show how to resolve this in a step-by-step sequence.

Now there’s several different ways of creating videos, but the way I create videos is a step-by-step sequence simply because people want to know okay, Step 1 – what do I do; Step 2 – after I do this, how do I go about doing that, and things like that. And it’s just easier you know, to create. Now if you can use a screen capture video or an iPhone, that’s fine. Depending on what your company is, what your service is, what kind of video you are creating, because there’s so many different variables here, and variations of videos. So I can’t necessarily give you one specific formula that’s going to work for everything, but if you figure out what kind of video is it, is it something where I can show somebody using my computer? And if that’s the case, what kind of software should I use? Or is it something that I can just speak on through an iPhone and show them how to do a certain thing? Is that possible?

Now there’s several ways to go about doing this, and as long as you understand that first you start with the problem, you relate to them, you provide the solution, and you provide the call to action. And the call to action can be something like, “oh check out my site if you want more details, or you want more, you know, information on such and such.

So if you do a google search for Camtasia Studio, you’ll find this site, but basically this a video recording software that I’m using right now. And as you can see, it’s very easy to use, and it can basically record anything that you see on the screen. Whether it’s power point, whether it’s internet browser, anything on your computer, so your educational video can be a power point slide or something that’s related to this, then this is a great software.

Now this is obviously, I believe it’s $300, last time I checked or paid for it. And so it is a bit pricy, only use this if you are going to, in the long run, do a lot of screen capture videos. Now if you do a few here and there, then I’d recommend a software called Jing, which is offered by the same people that create Camtasia. And Jing is a very similar product, very, very, easy to use as well, and basically not as feature-riched as Camtasia, but does the job. Now if you’re showing a “how to” step-by-step video that requires you to either, you know, show live pictures of – okay Step 1 – walk to the fridge, Step 2 – look in the fridge, and stuff like that. Step 3 – grab this product or something, Step 4 – open it up, and this and that. So I’m just giving you an example of step-by-step type thing that you can use Animoto for. Now Animoto is really easy, and I want to show you really quickly how to create something really cool, but let’s say I choose Animoto Original, and if you play it, it’ll give you a preview of what it looks like. So we’ve got pictures, and then you can add text and things like that, but if I click on Create Video here. Okay so let’s say for example that I want to make a quick video as a realtor, to show people how to sell a house and some specific strategies that somebody can use to sell a house.

So what I want to do here is go to Animoto Dashboard here and you can change the style, change the music, you can add pics and videos – but the videos can only be, I believe it’s only six seconds long, so you could do video clips if you wanted to. But if you add pics, and you click on Upload Pictures and Video, let’s say for example that I just pick and choose a few of these pictures. Let’s say, okay it’s a house so I’m going to pick this one, this one, this one, let’s see, this one, and maybe this one and this one. And just click on Open, and what it’s going to do is basically upload all of the pictures and/or video clips that you have. And as you can see, it’s really, really fast, and obviously you probably could do a better job when you actually look at it, but just for the sake of doing it really quickly. Let’s say for example, you’re a busy person and you have a house, you know, you don’t know how to sell the house, so what you can do is look at the market you know, blah, blah, blah – or go to your computer, look at the market, and then do this and that and get your house sold. So you could say Add Text, and say – so I could say something that says “in a buyer’s market, one out 300 people actually sell their house in a year.” And just keep in mind that I’m just making this up as I go, this is not really factual at all or anything like that, and click on that text again. And I could say, “Learn One Strategy to Sell Your House Within Less Than Two Months, Even if You’re a Busy Person,” click  on Save, so kind of, okay this guy is a busy person, and then maybe I could put this here. And then I could say, okay “Go online to, (which is like a site for real estate), and put your house on the site, and do the following…” So that’s to go online – that’s computer, and then you could say, “analyze these specific housing market variables,” and then just say blah, blah, blah, blah-blah, blah, blah. And then “our customers have been able to sell their houses within an average of two months max.” and then we’ve got this here, and here, and here; so obviously the meat of this educational video would be in here – wherein we talk about “analyze the specific variables” and actually dong a specific thing. But as you can see, I’ve made a quick and easy, quick tutorial with Animoto, and the beauty of it all is, all I have to do is click Save; click on Preview Video; and I’m going to play the video! It says, “in a buyer’s market, 1 out of 300 people actually sell their house in less than a year.”

So we got to have a picture of a house, and as you can see it looks really professional. And this is where the tip comes, “go online to and put your house on the site, and do the following.” So this is kind of in the middle where you start giving people that solution. So we got the problem and solution, and of course the call to action. So that’s pretty much it, and when you want to produce it, click on Produce, and within minutes Animoto usually produces the video, and you’ve got a quick and easy, educational video. And I already did this in less than probably, three or four minutes, or five minutes, and that’s it!

Watch the Video Here:

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