Watch this delightfully interactive Christmas story on your smartphone


These past several months have witnessed a wave of excellent 360-degree YouTubevideos, letting you experience everything from flying an aerobatic jet to witnessing some of the most stunning operas and cultural events from around the world.

In going with the holiday season, Google, as part of their Spotlight Stories series, has released a lovely little video that does a fine job of capturing that Christmas spirit. Created by Aardman Animations–the studios that brought the likes of Shawn the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit to life–the video depicts a sleepy building complex that is managed by a pottering character, very reminiscent of the inspector from the Pink Panther cartoon series.

The said caretaker is disturbed from his Yuletide bliss with a noise that seems to emanate from the rooftop. Intrigued, he steps out, flashlight in hand, on the hunt for the source of the disturbance.

What follows is a delightful cat-and-mouse sequence that truly comes to life as this is a 360-degree video. When you view it on your smartphone, you can actually pan and move the phone all around and follow the characters as they dart in and out of doors and move around the whimsically cartoon complex.

If you’re viewing it on the computer, simply click-drag around the scene to follow the action. Of course, for maximum effect grab a Google Cardboard unit and you’ll truly be put in the center of the action as it proceeds to its delightful conclusion.

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