Watch US Election Results Online

Watch US Election Results Online
Watch US Election Results Online

Election Day is finally here, and final results will begin pouring in later Tuesday afternoon and evening. How can you watch the latest US election results online? We have gathered some of the most original choices we have discovered.

Election Results on Google in Different ways:

Google provides minute to minute improvements here:

Google Elections Results and Google Elections Live.

Yahoo’s Control Room:

Yahoo’s Control Room has live streaming video, coverage and maps of all House, Senate and Gubernatorial races, along with the Presidential race results down to the county level, live blogging and live polling and social sentiment analysis.

Users can pick and choose the features they’re most interested in viewing at a given moment, giving them full control over the experience.

Election Maps:

Live online maps are the name of the game this Election Day: Google, Politico, ABC, The Daily Beast, NBC News, Reuters, WNYC and a host of other news websites can have live and interactive maps continuously being updated with the latest election results.

Many of them may also have live blogs, embedded social media features and other exclusive options for following Election Day news as it happens.


Foursquare launched, which includes a live map of polling place check-ins all over the United States. The data can be categorised by gender and time of the vote, informing the Election Day story in a different way.

Foursquare users can also connect their account to the I Voted app, which taps into the Google Civic Information API to locate the right polling place and provide ballot information.

Instagram And Electiongrams:

Watching Election Day results come in with numbers and maps is one thing, having a look at what’s really going on at polling places around the country is another. Electiongrams, created by the NBC News digital team, collects Instagram images tagged with #NBCPolitics.

Xbox Live:

We all know the much-anticipated Halo 4 will be here very soon out on Election Day, but if you wish to take a break from taking down Forerunner, your Xbox will double as an Election Day information supercenter.

Starting at 7 p.m. ET, Xbox consumers can view election returns powered by NBC News and answer polls presented by Xbox LIVE. At 11 p.m. ET, Xbox users may tune into Comedy Central’s Indecision Election Night Live with comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

HuffPost Live:

The Huffington Post’s Internet video news startup HuffPost Live can have extensive Election Day coverage.

The difference among regular TV and HuffPost Live? The platform is powered by Google Hangouts, allowing viewers become participants through video chat.


The Wall Street Journal made waves months ago with its WorldStream (), which works like Twitter for Wall Street Journal reporters’ iPhone footage.

On Tuesday, WorldStream can have lots of live and recorded Election Day iPhone video reports from across the nation.


Ustream’s citizen journalists will be peppered about the country, offering a unique and independent lens on Election Day.

Ustream has also joined with Video the Vote to use mobile phones as a tool in the combat with voter fraud and disenfranchisement.

If you use any other media, please share them here.

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