What Is a Niche?

What is Niche?
What is Niche?

In internet marketing, a niche is a subset of the market on which a specific product or service is focusing. Each website that you create needs to focus on a niche. An example of a broad market would be games. An example of a niche from that broad market would be video games.

Narrowing things down more, an even better example of a niche would be something more specific like Nintendo video games. If you want to narrow your focus even more, you can give an example of a Nintendo video game such as Super Mario Galaxy 2 for your niche.

The more broad and general your niche is, the harder it will be to make money from it. Using the example above, creating a website about “games” will be much harder to make money from than a website about “Super Mario Galaxy 2.”

Choosing your niche is the most important in Internet Marketing. Think of this as the start of your market research. Market research is extremely important and is often something that is skipped over entirely or poorly done. This is mostly because ideas for products and services are generated based on assumed creativity and emotion. While you can get lucky and come up with a profitable product or service this way, chances are that your product/service will fail.

Think of AdSense websites as an information service that you are providing to your customers. You need to know what a lot of people are searching for and provide them with valuable content that they will be satisfied with. Once they are done looking at your site’s content, they may see an AdSense advertisement that interests them and they will click on it. You will receive 68% of whatever the current advertiser’s bid was. So if the advertiser paid $1.00 for the ad, you would receive 68 cents for the click. If the advertiser paid $2.00 for the ad, you would receive $1.36 for the click and so on.

Your goal is to find a niche that:
* A lot of people are interested in
* Has a low level of organic SEO competition from other marketers
* Has related keywords that display Google AdWords ads when they are searched for
* Can be monetized through methods other than AdSense

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