What’s The Purpose Of Your Email Campaign?

eMail Marketing
eMail Marketing

Before you write a single email, or make a single dollar from your list, the first thing you absolutely have to do is to determine what it is you actually want to accomplish with your email campaign.

What is the purpose of your campaign?

Most people that are just starting out will think they have to start building a list purely because everybody is telling them that “the money is in the list”.

But having a list in and of itself is useless. The list by itself does not make you sales and profits – it’s what you do with that list that creates sales and profits.

You need to have a purpose for why you are building your list and creating an email campaign.

Perhaps you’re working for a non-profit organization and you want to spread the word about your cause. Or maybe you’ve just written a new book, or created a new product, and you want to drum up sales.

Whatever your purpose is, you need to make sure that every email you write in your campaign draws you closer to achieving that goal.

If your email doesn’t move subscribers closer to taking the action you want them to, then it will gradually detract them away from your purpose.

So if you want to sell your new book or your $97 product, everything you do as part of your list building and email campaign should build up to people making a purchase from you.

Now, that doesn’t mean that every email you send them is a promo for your product, instead it’s actually the complete opposite; every

email should be building more rapport with your subscribers so that they come to know, like, and trust you enough to purchase your book, your training, your video product, or whatever it is you’re trying to sell to them.

Each of your emails should be building credibility, it should be building trust, and it should be making your subscribers more comfortable with the idea of buying your product.

So you need to know what your purpose is when creating your email campaign, and that also determines the next section.

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