Which Country Has The Largest Number Of Lost Tribes?


Answer: Brazil

While most of the world is quite interconnected these days, there remains people around the world that have no or next to no contact with the outside world. These lost tribes (also known as uncontacted peoples) have existed for thousands upon thousands of years with no interaction with the rest of the world and still live exactly as their ancestors did using stone age technology and methods.

Although there are a handful of very well known lost tribes such as the Sentinelese of North Sentinel Island off the coast of India and the Yanomami in the Amazon, most people are unaware of just how many lost tribes there are. There are tribes ranging in size from dozens of members to hundreds of members located all over the world including countries like India, Guyana, and Columbia.

The country with the largest population of lost tribes, by far and away, is Brazil. Thanks to the enormous amount of largely unexplored and undeveloped Amazonian forest stretching across the country, Brazil is home to not just well documented lost tribes like the Yanomami, but 67 documented lost tribes. What’s fascinating about that number is that prior to survey and research efforts in 2005, the number was only 40 documented tribes. Despite all of our technology it’s still possible for entire tribal groups to drift through the Amazon forest hunting and gathering completely under the radar of modern society.

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