Why You Should Get Your Teeth Whitened by a Dentist

Teeth Whitening by Dentist

Teeth Whitening by Dentist

Are you thinking about getting your teeth whitened and wondering whether you should buy a do-it-yourself kit or go to the dentist to have it professionally done? Here are reasons why getting it done by the dentist should be your only choice.

It’s much more effective
Dentists will use a much stronger bleaching solution than you’ll ever find in an over-the-counter kit, which will make your teeth much lighter and much whiter. Those who use a dentist to get their teeth whitened can expect their teeth to be two to seven shades lighter while those who do it themselves can expect their teeth to be only about one shade lighter, if that.

It’s much safer
Using kits at home can leave your gums much more susceptible to becoming irritated. This is because the bleaching agents in these products can make gums feel as though they’re burning and stinging. And, the protective equipment, such as the trays that often come with these kits, aren’t as effective at protecting this sensitive tissue as the equipment in the dentist’s office will be.

It’s easier
Many people might think it’s easier to whiten their teeth at home because then they don’t have to take the time out to make an appointment with the dentist. But, it’s actually much easier to let the dentist whiten your teeth rather than do it yourself. Instead of worrying about placing strips just right, or making sure that gel completely covers your teeth, you can just sit back and let the dentist do all the work for you.

Going to a dentist to get your teeth professionally whitened might be a bit more expensive than doing it yourself at home. But the fact that it’s so much more effective than any other type of tooth whitening alone makes it so worth it!

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