Will ensure that every new feature works well on 2G: Facebook CPO Chris Cox


Chris Cox, the Chief Product Officer of Facebook, is holding his first set of business meetings for 2016 in New Delhi and that shows how important a market India is for the social network. Over 138 million Indians use Facebook on a monthly basis and the expectation is that a third of the next billion people to come on the Internet will be from India.

Cox says the company’s “understanding of how to make great products for every type of device and network is becoming more important” and they are responsible for “making our products really fast and good on less than optimum network conditions”and “India is the centre piece where all that is happening.”

Are we going to see a lot of new products come from Facebook, especially for developing markets like India?

You are going to see us continue to push forward at the high end, like 360-degree videos. But we are also going to ensure that each feature also has really good delivery on a 2G network. For example, on Slideshow, we have a tool that lets advertisers specify how the ad appears to somebody on a different connection — turning a video into a slideshow — and also target based on device and connectivity.

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