Youth Business USA Wants to Teach Young Entrepreneurs About Bitcoin


Youth Business USA (YBUSA) is a non-profit organization that is aimed at educating young people about business, as well as helping youth turn business ideas into successful operations. This organization reaches out to people 18-29 years old and offers them education in business literacy, provides them with training and mentoring, and offers up to $ 5,000 USD in zero-interest loans to their students’ new businesses.

Now, the organization wants to incorporate Bitcoin into its educational program. YBUSA believes that young business professionals and entrepreneurs stand to gain a lot from using Bitcoin in their business models, as many young entrepreneurs struggle getting banking access for their ventures. High fees serve as a tall barrier to entry for new business owners, and YBUSA sees Bitcoin as an alternative that can provide a workaround to those barriers.

The organization also wants the Bitcoin community to have the ability to find their students’ Bitcoin businesses and purchase their goods and services using the digital currency. One possible solution YBUSA is considering is a website that will act like a directory for their students’ companies; this website will have profiles for each business and links to their respective websites, so the Bitcoin community can easily find these young people and contribute to their projects.

Youth Business USA launched in 2014, and so far has helped 11 entrepreneurs get products onto the market. The non-profit is currently working to develop business relationships with prominent members in the Bay Area to further help their students integrate into the business world.

Image courtesy of Youth Business USA. 

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